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At Farfalla Fitness, we often say that flexibility is the cornerstone of fitness. We understand that muscles that stretch and contract smoothly are the key to every sport and activity. This is true whether you play soccer, surf, dance, cheer or ski. Flexibility is also the key to achieving specific athletic moves such as splits. For many aspiring dancers, gymnasts, aerialists and figure skaters, splits are vital components to many moves. If you’ve been working hard to achieve the splits to no avail, we’re here to help with focused, personal coaching sessions. Simply schedule a few sessions with one of our personal trainers, and you’ll soon be on your way to your goal of a full split.

What to Expect With Personal Training for Splits

Our personal fitness trainer stretches for splits are specifically designed to help you achieve a full front split, but they can also help you work toward a side split. Side splits are more difficult to achieve, and you should keep in mind that some people do not have the hip range of motion needed for this move. For each split movement, our skilled and talented trainers will guide you through a series of progressive stretches to improve your split flexibility. This involves:

  • Working on the flexibility of your lower back, abdominals and lower oblique.
  • Relaxing and lengthening the gluteal, groin, inner thigh and hamstring muscles.
  • Stretching your hip flexors and your psoas and iliopsoas muscles
  • Elongating and strengthening your quadriceps muscles.

Your personal trainer will consider your flexibility level when developing your training plan. With Farfalla’s one-on-one coaching, our professional trainers will pace your progress to your individual needs and abilities. Our trainers have years of experience guiding athletes of all ages and ability levels to achieving the splits. Our goal is to help you achieve a full split safely and without injury. This means that your progress is individualized and unique.

How to Sign Up for Personal Training

We try to make it as easy as possible to get the customized training you need to achieve the splits and other athletic goals. One way to sign up for our personal fitness trainer stretches for splits is to click on the Face-to-Face Training button on our website. Simply complete the short request form, and one of our trainers will get in touch with you to schedule your sessions. You can also call us at (619) 252-4415 to speak with one of our staff members. If you are already taking one of our many in-person group classes, simply tell your trainer that you want to sign up for personal training.

Benefits Are Far-Reaching

You may be wondering if enlisting the help of a personal trainer for achieving the splits is too focused. We are pleased to help you with your fitness and athletic goals, no matter how focused or how broad your goals are. We have many students who benefit from setting and achieving a specific goal such as learning to do the splits. Aside from the obvious benefit that you will now be able to perform the splits like a pro, there are other advantages to pursuing your goal. Here are few side benefits to consider:

  • You’ll advance your overall flexibility with personalized “splits” training. While you may be working on specific areas of flexibility, this focused training helps to improve your entire body’s flexibility.
  • Stretching your muscles is relaxing.
  • With greater flexibility comes improved functional ability. If you have a more flexible body, you move through life more easily, whether you’re walking across a parking lot, running on the rugby pitch or surfing at sunrise.
  • You’ll improve your overall health. There’s an old adage in yoga that states that you’re only as young as your spine is flexible. Splits stretches help to improve your spinal flexibility.

We’re excited about helping you achieve your splits goals. Give us a call today so we can help you get started with personal training sessions at Farfalla Fitness.

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