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training for Dancers.



Iryna Yemengulova

Personal Trainer / Rhythmic Gymnast

Iryna Yemengulova is an individual Ukrainian rhythmic gymnast. She trained and competed in Ukraine, her native country, Bulgaria, and Internationally.

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Stretch and flexibility classes

Flexible, strong muscles are the foundation for nearly every activity. Whether you’re a dancer, a skater, a gymnast, a ballplayer or a runner, you must have supple, flexible muscles. Stretch and flexibility classes like our Flexibility & Strength Class can help you develop this critical range of motion so you can perform your sport safely, healthfully and successfully.

Stretching and Flexibility Training On Your Terms

We make it easy to achieve flexibility in a way that works best for you.

  • Personal Training. If you prefer to learn one-on-one, we offer private classes with one of our accomplished flexibility trainers.
  • Group Classes. If you enjoy the camaraderie of group classes, we offer a variety of group and semi-private classes to fit your schedule.
  • Advanced Classes. We even have Master Class workshop to elevate and advance your flexibility.
  • Online Courses. Those who want to work on flexibility in the privacy of their homes can now enjoy access to our stretching classes online. Our online Flexibility and Strength classes are perfect for athletes and dancers who want to work on flexibility every day.

We understand that the best flexibility training is training that fits your particular needs and schedule. We want you to get the most benefit possible from our program. That’s why we strive to make it convenient to access the knowledge and guidance of our trainers. All Skill Levels Welcome Our professional trainers are experienced in helping athletes of all ages and skill levels achieve success with stretch and flexibility classes.

  • For beginning athletes, our Flexibility and Strength classes teach proper movement techniques so athletes avoid common injuries. We introduce students to the basics of stretching. Students learn why flexibility and strength are important, and they learn how to do stretch muscles safely and progressively. Beginning classes are available to children of all ages through our group, semi-private and private classes. We also have classes and private sessions available for adults who want to prepare their bodies for a new sport or activity.
  • For intermediate athletes, our group, semi-private, private and online Flexibility and Strength classes are ideal for advancing flexibility and muscle strength.
  • Advanced athletes benefit from our Master Class workshops as well as private, customized instruction from our world-class trainers. These intense sessions are ideal for athletes who want to achieve elite performance. Advanced classes are also great for athletes who are working to overcome specific fitness obstacles.

Online Classes

We’re excited to introduce our new online classes. These online courses help you improve your range of motion at your own pace. Whether you’re busy traveling or you simply want to work on flexibility frequently, our online classes are perfect for you. Online classes are available at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. Online classes address strength and flexibility for:

  • Upper back
  • Lower back
  • Arms
  • Hips
  • Thighs, including quadriceps, adductors and hamstrings
  • Knees
  • Calves
  • Feet

Why Choose Flexibility Classes?

There are countless reasons to improve your flexibility. Most importantly, though, is the fact that flexible muscles are less prone to injury. With enhanced flexibility you:

  • Improve the height and technical execution of jumps such as barrel jumps, high jumps, mid-split jump, spread eagle jumps and jetes.
  • Enhance back flexibility so you can easily execute moves such as backbends, scorpion leg holds, bridges and layouts.
  • Advance your ability to perform movements such as leg extensions, splits and kicks.
  • Improve your overall athletic performance as you gain better command of your muscles.
  • Reduce injury.
  • Refine your posture.
  • Reduce stress.

You don’t have to be an elite athlete to gain benefits from stretch and flexibility classes. Developing improved flexibility enhances your life and health, helping you to move easily and efficiently throughout your day. Whether you are a beginning athlete or an elite competitor, our classes provide some of the best flexibility training available. Farfalla Fitness classes are open for enrollment and our online classes are always available. Call us or click Buy Online today to get started.



Warm up exercises activate all the muscles that surround the joints. They increase heart rate, loosen the joints and increase blood flow to the muscles. It is import to do the warm up to prepare the body for the exercises ahead and for further flexibility and strength exercises. When done properly, it will reduce the risk of injury and improve your performance.


Most dancers are not born with naturally perfect feet, but this video will help you achieve that beautifully pointed feet you have been dreaming of. You will learn a set of flexibility exercises that work the ankle and muscles along the top and sides of the foot rather than just focusing on the arch itself. Stretching these muscle groups enables quicker feet flexibility gains and stronger high Releve


For dancers and athletes that are just starting to work on flexibility, or for those looking for a refresher, this is a great all encompassing basic set of strength and flexibility exercises. We concentrate on stretching the upper, lower back and shoulders, hamstrings and hips followed by an easy set of strengthening exercises.Once you feel comfortable with the beginner exercises, this provides more detailed coverage of those exercises. These exercises are covered with step by step instructions on how to accurately perform the exercise to maximize your result


Flexibility, flexibility, and flexibility is the main focus of this video. We focus on building upon the fundamental body elements to create stronger Feet, Upper, Lower Back, shoulders, arms, hips, hamstrings, splits, over-splits followed by kicks to strengthen the muscles after stretchi


It is a set of flexibility exercises that will get you ready for advanced leg extensions, back bends, jumps, turns, over splits to boost your performance while using weights to strengthen and pushing your limits. Practice makes perfect, once you complete this level you will achieve more flexibility, amazing leg holds, jumps, back flexibility elements and you will be unstoppable!

Beginner Plan

View beginners flexibility and strength combinations in an entirely new light: within reach! Thisseries will show you the step-by-step Stretch and strengthen exercises that will improve your flexibility... Read more


Intermediate Plan

View Intermediate flexibility and strength combinations in an entirely new light: within reach! Thisseries will show you the step-by-step Stretch and strengthen exercises that will improve your flexibility... Read more


Advanced Plan

View Advanced flexibility and strength combinations in an entirely new light: within reach! This series will show you the step-by-step Stretch and strengthen exercises that will improve your flexibility... Read more




Farfalla Fitness is a new online Flexibility and Strength program. We provide online classes in the range of static and dynamic stretching. It is scientific evidence that the incidence of injury decreases with proper stretching. Not all program provides this discipline. Farfalla fitness gives a new approach to stretching. We present series of warm-ups: feet strength/flexibility, and incorporation total body flexibility /strength combinations at three different levels. Our program is used by dancers and athletes around the world to supplement their traditional dance and athletic training education. It is an exceptional way to reboot your flexibility and boost your performance.


Static stretching exercise are ones that involve no movement. They take place from a stretched position. The pose is held for a certain amount of time and in specific way.
Dynamic stretching exercises are done with movement such as jumping, swinging and skipping. These are the exercises that get your blood flowing and your body ready for the big stuff. You are stretching your body, but adding movement to the action.

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