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This flexibility training program for dancers helps you develop the lithe, pliable muscles you need to dance beautifully and safely. You’ll learn to build supple, flexible legs, hips and feet while elongating and strengthening your upper and lower back. This class also helps you develop greater awareness of your body, which is vital to dancing and moving fluidly, efficiently and accurately. Whether you aspire to perfect your leaps, improve leg extensions or dance without injury, this class is for you.

Why Focus on Flexibility for Dance?

There are thousands of dance classes in the San Diego area, whether you practice ballet, contemporary, hip-hop or jazz dance. At most dance studios, flexibility stretches for dancers are just a small part of the dance curriculum. Our training program supplements your regular dance classes. Here, we focus on giving dancers the comprehensive flexibility training and knowledge that is needed for safe, controlled movements. We understand that flexibility is vital to dance. With limber muscles, ligaments and tendons, our students improve their ability to execute dance movements of all kinds. Whether you’re performing a ballet grand jeté, a jazz split or a swing dance swivel break, flexibility is key to the movement and to your ultimate success.

In This Class

Unlike typical dance studios’ flexibility stretches for dancers, flexibility training at Farfalla Fitness is more extensive and targeted. Here’s a little of what to expect in this class:

  • You’ll perform a series of stretches for each joint and major muscle group in your middle and lower body. Each group of stretches in our studio works your joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments in a variety of ways. This multi-stretch process helps advance your range of motion and improves your muscle strength.
  • We’ll lead you through exercises that focus on hip, thigh, calf, feet and lower and upper back flexibility.
  • You’ll learn correct technique for each stretch, helping to avoid injury.
  • You’ll work progressively toward greater flexibility. We understand that each athlete has unique needs, goals and abilities.

Benefits of This Class

The advantages of our flexibility training program for dancers are many. By the end of this class, you’ll:

  • lengthen and strengthen the major muscle groups involved in dance
  • enrich your dance and movement ability
  • improve your posture
  • understand proper stretching and movement technique
  • learn the safe way to perform a variety of dance movements such as leg extensions, jumps, leaps, turns and movements
  • learn to avoid injury
  • gain a greater awareness of your body and physical ability.
What Dancers Should Know About Flexibility

Many dancers focus their attention on mastering a particular step or positioning their arms, legs, head or hands in a certain way. While these details are important, they are not as important as first ensuring their bodies are ready to dance. Here are a few things dancers should know about flexibility and our flexibility training program for dancers:

  • Warming up isn’t enough. Warming up simply increases blood flow to your muscles and body. In itself, a warm-up session doesn’t improve muscle flexibility.
  • Flexibility measures your range of motion for a particular joint; it is not simply how far you can stretch a certain muscle.
  • You gain flexibility by progressively stretching a joint’s surrounding muscles and associated tendons and ligaments. With this progressive stretching, muscles lengthen and you gain improved range of motion. Greater flexibility is not achieved overnight; it is achieved with a targeted, long-term approach like the one we teach in this class.

We are excited to welcome you to Farfalla Fitness, and we’re eager to show you how to develop greater flexibility. Helping you realize your dance and athletic dreams is our passion, and we can’t wait to see what you can achieve! Our classes are now open to new enrollment, so call us to sign up for our in-studio classes or click on the Buy Online button for our convenient online courses.

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