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About Farfalla Fitness

Farfalla Fitness is a new innovated flexibility and strength program specifically designed for dancers and other related competitive activities. Dancers must develop both of these skills if they want to excel in performance. Our comprehensive program assures results, using the innovative elements of rhythmic gymnastics to improve and perfect skill. We are located at numerous onsite facilities in San Diego as well as offer our program with online classes, making Farfalla Fitness available worldwide to everyone.


Iryna Yemengulova

Personal Trainer / Rhythmic Gymnast

Founder of Farfalla Fitness and Everything Is Stretchable, Iryna Yemengulova has a dynamic fitness background as a world renowned professional rhythmic gymnast, choreographer, and personal trainer. During her competitive years, to escalate her skill level to become a top contender, Iryna created her highly effective ‘Method’ a specific sequence of strength and flexibility move, which made her more flexible, strong, agile and fit, than she could have imagined in a short time frame.

In May, 2014, Iryna launched Farfalla Fitness, a highly effective Flexibility and Strength Program for dancers. Iryna is dedicated to excellence in the sport and mastery of art, and an ideal coach for high-quality training. She is a trained and qualified choreographer and master of many dance styles. Iryna has the innate, intuitive and formal training to developing a promising student into an artist. She provides young dancers with skills that are vital to their artistic growth. Dancers such as Emma York, Alex Andrada, and Jade Bucci, became TOP-10 winners of the Dance Awards. Other dancers became members of the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet.

At Farfalla Fitness, Iryna works closely with dance instructors and coaches arming them with the knowledge and skills necessary to instruct the Farfalla Fitness exercises. Iryna herself also instructs the very young novice to the most accomplished, developed dancers in a way that helps them to be their personal best in a safe and developmental approach. A testament to her coaching skills, many of the individuals Iryna has coached have qualified to join the United States Rhythmic Gymnastics National Team and have become high profile, competitive figure skaters. She has provided countless dancers with the sense of discipline, teamwork, and commitment which remains with them throughout their lives.

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Kristina Mitsuk

Personal Trainer / Rhythmic Gymnast

Kristina Mitsuk is a Russian gymnast. She started rhythmic gymnastics at the age of 5. She trained with Nina Nemeova and Tatyana Gibkova a top 10 coach and owner of Olympic Reserve for Rhythmic Gymnastics in Ulyanovsk, Russia. Under the guidance of Tatyana, Kristina took podium spots to celebrate her Gold, Silver, and Bronze winning in Individual All-Around as well as all four apparatus. The 16 years old champion is awarded Master of Sport at a young age.

When Kristina turns 18 years old, with restless pursuit, she retired from rhythmic gymnastics and moved to the United States to join International Rhythmic Gymnastics and Ballet (IRGBallet) training center in Philadelphia,PA alongside Tiana Biryukova, the coach of Kateryna Serebrianska a 2 times European Champion, 3 times Grande Prix winner and Gold medalist in Russia. As one of IRGBallet primary coach Kristina leads IRGBallet gymnasts to win Gold and placed Top 10 in the United States Rhythmic Open Championships in Lake Placid, New York. Soon her name grew and beckon by the white-sand beaches, warm water, and tempered weather, Kristina relocated to beautiful San Diego to be swooped up by Champion Rhythmic. While at Champion Rhythmic she received Coach of Year Award in 2016, and 2017. In 2018, Kristina joined Farfalla Fitness. Under Kristina guidance students are enabled to do things they didn't think they could do. Kristina helps unveil their possibilities to reach their goals and get long-term success by unfolding their skills and competencies.

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Participating in the Farfalla Fitness Flexibility and Strength program provides:
✓ Increased Balance and Alignment
✓ Increased Core Strength and Balance
✓ Improved Posture and Body Awareness.
✓ Increased Upper, Mid and Lower Back Flexibility
✓ Increased Full body Flexibility
✓ Overall muscular strength and power
✓ Leaps
✓ Penché
✓ Tilts
✓ Scorpions
✓ Leg Hold Turns
✓ Turnout
✓ Splits
✓ Dancers
✓ Cheerleaders
✓ Figure skaters
✓ Synchronized swimmers and divers
✓ Rhythmic gymnasts
✓ Aerialists
✓ Gymnasts
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Private flexibility

Get your young athletes the special attention they need with private lessons. This particular course offers customized one-on-one strength and flexibility training for your child’s specific goals and needs. Whether they play a sport like soccer or attend hip-hop classes, this course will help them grow into better and healthier athletes.

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Group flexibility

Stretching is the cornerstone on which all athletic training is founded. We offer a comprehensive training program that utilizes unique elements from rhythmic gymnastics, helping young athletes gain maximum flexibility and strength while learning correct posture and stretching techniques.

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Master Class

Get that extra little push toward greater flexibility and strength with our special workshops. Intended to help elevate your athletic and dance performance, this workshop teaches you to master body elements like balance, jumps and turns. You'll also be guided through a number of exercises and techniques to boost your flexibility so you are a stronger, better athlete or dancer.

1 hour master class
1.5 hours master class
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Online Class

Farfalla Fitness is a new online Flexibility and Strength program. We provide online classes in the range of static and dynamic stretching. It is scientific evidence that the incidence of injury decreases with proper stretching. Not all program provides this discipline. Farfalla fitness gives a new approach to stretching. We present series of warm-ups, feet strength/flexibility, and incorporation total body flexibility /strength combinations at three different levels. Our program is used by dancers and athletes around the world to supplement their traditional dance and athletic training education. It is an exceptional way to reboot your flexibility and boost your performance.

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